Friday, July 19, 2013

Serving the Untouchables

For a hospitality-related-course graduate like me, there are no weekends, no holidays and just one day-off when you land a job that really fits the course. In school, you see yourself competing for grades against 40-45 students in a class. After four years of hard work, you see yourself competing against thousands of fellow hospitality-course graduates in job hunting. I guess I am lucky enough to be employed after just a month of my graduation.

Capricciosa Greenbelt 3. I am a bartender slash server slash order taker slash buss boy. Industry today needs someone who can do all-around. It demands someone to do the all-around. It does not matter if you are at Front-Of-The-House (Servers, Bartenders and Waiters) or Back-Of-The-House (Line Cook, Prep Man and Dishwasher). The catch is we can't afford to demand high salary. It's a no-work-no-pay industry. We are minimum-waged workers. Swerte na lang kung may galanteng guest na magbibigay ng malaking tip. Yes, we do have service charge. It helps a lot. But sometimes, we are most happy doing the untouchables. Here it is.

Since moving from vacation to employment, my mindset is guest satisfaction. And last night was one of the happiest feeling of mine: Singing Tanti Aguri Ati which means "Happy Birthday To You" in Italian three times for three different guests. (By the way, Capricciosa is an Italian-themed restaurant that originated from Japan).

We don't charge it. There is no service charge. It's self-willing and upon guest request. I felt like floating in the air, seeming very buoyant as if I was the birthday celebrator. We don't expect tips. We just wanted to make them feel very special on their very special day. Seeing them smile or cry because of happiness is very heart-warming. What we can do is good enough. We can satisfy you with the food quality and how we serve it. And one more important thing: we can do the untouchables.

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