Monday, July 22, 2013

A Brief Conversation with a Nancy Binay-Basher

It was my day-off. I was supposed to watch the State of the Nation Address of His Excellency. Unfortunately, I fell asleep in the afternoon. Good thing I was able to catch the remaining half of the speech. 

Everybody becomes a political analysts, experts on economics and socially concerned. It was obvious. Yesteryear, it was just a conversation at offices, sari-sari stores and televisions. But opportunity came for everybody to talk about it in cyber space. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networking sites. Until one post caught my attention on Facebook.  Nothing really much about the SONA. But one of the Senators, the daughter of our Vice President and newly-elected Senator, Nancy Binay.

"Ichura nito! Di kagalang-galang." -Dad on Nancy Binay(SONA2013). Hahahahahaha!

A post of my college acquaintance and Facebook friend. Let's not just reveal her name.

So I started to comment. To clear the issue, I am not a Nancy Binay supporter, not a Human Rights advocate or peace ambassador. Maybe I could say, I am against cyber-bullying.

Silver Leaf: Paano ba masasabi na kagalang galang ang isang tao?

Friend: Hi Silver Leaf! Hahahaha

Silver Leaf: Hello! :)) Sorry kung nakikisawsaw ako. Pero curious lang talaga ako.

Friend:  Hahahahahaha, oks lang. Iba kasi talaga yung impression namin sa kanya. Kumbaga, diba, para maging kagalang-galang ka, dapat, it shows din sa panlabas!  Ewan ko lang sayo kung anong naiisip mo. Hahahahah

Silver Leaf: Kapag ba ang isang libong piso, nilukot, nababawasan ba ang halaga? Kapag ba nilamutak, nawawala na ang value? Hindi naman diba? Sana sa tao rin. I mean, di ba masyadong maaga para husgahan siya? I'm not a supporter of her. I did not even vote for her. Well, actually di ako bumoto. Haha. Pero parang mali pa rin sabihin na di siya kagalang galang. marami nagsabi na hindi siya qualified para maging senador. Pero parang andami ata nakalimot sa qualifications na naka-set sa saligang batas para makatakbo. Kung di siya qualified, sana COMELEC na nag-disqualify sa kanya. At kaya nga Kamara de Representante. Baka sa perspective ng mga bumoto sa kanya, is mai-re-represent sila ng isang nanay LANG. Tulad ng mga bumoto kay Lito Lapid. tulad ni Sen. Lapid, marami satin ang high school graduate lang. kaya pakiramdam nila, represented sila.

Friend: I think you should run for senate! Silver Leaf for senador! Ewan ko. yung impression ko saknya eh. Keri lang yan. Kanya kanyang opinion naman yan. 

Silver Leaf: Ayoko. Wala akong pera. haha. Sa fb nga, di ako makakuha ng likes, supporters pa? Haha. Okay lang naman yung impression eh. Pero sana sa loob na lang yan. Paano naman yung mga bumoto at umaasa sa kanya diba? Suportahan na lang natin kung sino man ang manok natin. Wag na lang sana natin batuhin ang mga taong ayaw natin. Pwede naman siguro na ayaw natin sa kanya. Tapos na. It's not about you. it's about general public and how they behave as of they are more superior than anyone else.

Friend: Sige sige. Ok. Hihihihi. :)) :))

Silver Leaf:  As I've said, it's not about you or Nancy Binay. It's about people, mostly students, who feel that they already achieved something. Siguro nga mataas ang tinapos nila o mas maganda ang course na kinukuha nila. pero parang naaabuso na paggamit ng fb at twitter.

Friend: You talk too much  hahahahahha okay na yun Silver Leaf. Kalmaaa!!!! :)) :)) :)) :))

Silver Leaf:  I don't usually comment or post on fb. but when I do, I make sure I can show my point clearly. :))

Conversation was over. I hope I made a clear point. I wish it would reach and be realized by my fellow countrymen. 

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